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12000 Liters LPG Refilling Plant LPG Refueler Skid Station
  • Fact cubage 12 CBM
  • Loading weight /
  • Traction type /
  • Steering /
  • Terms of payment T/T, L/C
  • Delivery port Any port, China
Main Specification Product Description
LPG equipment, which include LPG tanker truck, semi trailer, storage tanker, LPG container or LPG skid station could be used for transport or storing Liquid petroleum gas, propane, propylene, liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether and methanol, butadiene, isobutane, epoxy ethane, methylamine, etc.

​LPG tank skid station is made of bracket, 100% X-ray radiographic tested tanker, gas dispenser, pump, flow meter, pipeline system. It could be filling gas for the other equipment at anywhere.

ASME and ISO manufacture standard are both available.

10000 Liters LPG Refilling Plant LPG Refueler Skid Station

Skid station Description
Max loading weight 4788kg
Media characteristicsFlammable and explosive
Tanker Description
Tanker capacity12cbm
Filling mediumLPG (propane)
Tank material Q345R
Barrel design thickness9.47 mm
Head design thickness9.45 mm
Welded joint coefficient1.0mm
Design pressure 1.77 Mpa
Hydraulic test pressure2.22 Mpa
Leak test pressure1.77 Mpa
Design temperature50 ºC
Working temperature -20~50 ºC
Corrosion allowance1.0 mm
Product standardISO standard 
Safety accessory
  1. Equipped with pump, static-free electric motor, alertor, and level gauge.

  2. Equipped with safety valve, safety reverse valve, check valve, stop valve and pipe safety valve.

  3. Equipped with discharge pipeline, shockproof pipe, filling gun hose, elbow cap, flange.

  4. Equipped with metal gasket, 8.8degree bolt, electronic filling scale, pipeline, undercarriage

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